Monday, February 6, 2012

A Day in the Life of Miss Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw.... the first thing you think of (besides Mr. Big and Cosmos) is that she is a known shoe lover with an obsession for expensive designer shoes. I recently came across a site called Milk and Honey where you can become a shoe designer yourself! How many times do you pick up a shoe and say "I wish this had a different heel or came in another color!" I find myself CONSTANTLY doing that. 

With Milk and Honey, you name it and it is yours! From the heel height to the embellishments, you can truly customize a shoe for you. With customization, comes price. Most shoes are around $250 but you can get a high quality shoe without the $1500.00 price tag like Carrie spent on a typical pair of shoes.

Here are some designs I LOVE that would be PERFECT for Bridal OR Bridesmaids:

As Brad Goreski says from "It's a Brad Brad World"... This gives you a fabulous POC (Pop of Color)
Love Love!

For more design inspirations and to play around with designing your own shoes, check out

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