Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Sketch to Remember!

There are so many gown preservation companies that will turn your dress into a framed piece of art. Although the excitement of seeing your dress in a frame is cool in the beginning, it will surely fade away. As you stand there in your storage area and stare at it wondering... what was I thinking?

Immortalize your dress and display it proudly with a fresh sketch from Brooklit Bride!

Brooke is amazingly talented and really makes your big day come back to life. MEN: Listen up, this is a great anniversary gift for your bride.
Check out her fabulous Etsy site:

 Who is Brooke? Get to know her:

I'm a night owl who loves traveling, laughing until it hurts, and fabulous doodles of course! Creativity has always been an essential part of me and who I am at the core. Whether I'm designing, decorating, or simply doodling in the margins of a notebook. I've been an Artist ever since I could hold a crayon, only it's taken me 29 years to own that title and say it proudly without any timidity or fear of sounding pretentious.

I am a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I majored in Fashion Design with an Art Specialization. I have worked in the fashion industry, wardrobe for television and theater, styling, art direction and product design and development. I opened an Etsy shop a few years ago because fashion and drawing were passions of mine that I had not been doing enough of in recent years. My shop has been successful and brought me many great freelance opportunities.

I started Fabulous Doodles to journal what I'm working on, what inspires me, and to archive fashion illustrations, both from my collection and new discoveries. For fashion illustration fans or the budding illustrator, I hope you enjoy my blog and say hello, because I love comments! -Brooke (or Brooklit as mom calls me!)

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